apartment office 2016

Design project office in the apartment

Today, many people need a home a comfortable place where you can concentrate and work undisturbed. But if in a spacious apartment or a country house can be easily equipped office, in a cramped apartment to make it not so easy. The easiest way for notebook users — _ _ – even in the toilet, at least in the pantry and work yourself as your heart desires. More difficult for […]

estate office trends

The office of dreams

It was believed that the Cabinet — the Executive part of the office, so furnish it tried, as stated, to the maximum. The ranking of priorities when choosing furniture began with the prestige model, manufacturer’s reputation and the price was considered, “the more the better”. Everywhere was dominated by the so-called classical style, characterized by a predominance of heavy furniture of dark colors with lots of closed surfaces. Bankers thirsted […]

cool home office

Home office design

A home office — ideal for those who like to take work home or just wants to be alone with him. According to the designers, this space must be as functional, but not devoid of casual sophistication. About how to organize a home office, is offset. “MK-Sunday” learned from the experts. Modern home office is a combination of respectable practicality, thoroughness and functionality with cutting-edge technical stuffing, ” says Lika […]

beautiful office workspace

Office workspace

In recent years, the number of people working from home is growing. But those who chose to work space one of the rooms of your apartment or house, have to convert it to a Cabinet. Main purpose — replacing a homelike environment, which knocks working rhythm on strict business interior. Home office as part of the living space can be very versatile. For some people the office is primarily a […]

dream office

Install the fireplace in the office

It should not surprise us that a certain room or establishment became known as the name of the furniture. This is not an isolated case. So, well known the word “Bank” comes from the Italian banco, “bench”, “counter moneychangers”, “desktop”. And accordingly, the word “bankrupt” means “broken bench”, as the institutions of bankrupt bankers have to be defeat. But back to our office. Today, this word is more polysemous. There […]

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Offices styles

The Cabinet is the sequel to I’m his master, but in order for any office to be harmonious, it needs to be decorated in a particular style. And even the harmonious blending of parts – it is its own style. Classic style in the office can be very different, after all, the classic historical and varied according to age. The working room in the style of knight’s castle, with stone […]