ideas decorating bathroom

Decorating a bathroom

All designers in one voice say: the accessories make the outfit Give a unique charm to your bathroom can be a home-made panels of shells and sea pebbles. Fluffy rug, of course, very pleasant for the feet, but very short-lived. Therefore it is better to throw on the floor in the bathroom rubber Mat with holes. They now have a variety of forms (in the form of the foot, Apple, […]

toilet and bathroom design

Bathroom design

If you decide to do repairs in the bathroom, invariably the question arises, how to choose a modern and comfortable design of the room. Usually in such plans include the selection of General style, interior bathrooms, as well as finishing materials and lighting. In addition, can be used to calculate the installation of heating systems and water supply. The layout of the room is always carried out in accordance with […]

divine bath

Divine bathroom

Thinking over a bathroom interior, we come to the conclusion that she must be fashionable and beautiful, comfortable and practical to use and, in addition, everything that is in it, should not deteriorate from moisture and steam, which are essential components of this room. In other words, the situation should be beautiful and comfortable, and the materials are durable. Getting to the arrangement of the bathroom, try to start to […]

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Repairs in the bathroom: quickly, efficiently and stylishly

Bathroom – which means it is for each of us? The place where we daily brush our teeth and take a shower, or something more? Many designers claim that the bathroom can be almost anything to say about the man and his tastes. Gone are the days when it was regarded only from the point of view of its intended use. Today baths are sometimes given a room with a […]

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The bathroom as a sign of age

The era of industrial housing, which spawned model of a multistory building, has enabled generations of people to live in separate apartments, leaving a legacy to their children the need to make alterations in them. In our country the bathroom for a long time been considered as secondary. More important was the living room area, and almost the only requirement to the bathroom and the toilet was a wall between […]

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Bathroom design

So, favorite bathroom. The main task that must be completed at the beginning of the path to the desired comfort, to develop the interior space, corresponding to human personality, its style. Each person has their own ideas about the comfort bathroom. One important light creamy tones of shiny surfaces; another is to fully relax only in a room associated with a Russian bath. Attractive design is one of the defining […]